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CET 749
Policy and Management of Distance Education
3 credits

Class Description:

Using the systems approach, this course examines the model of governance of distance education organizations. The course focuses on identification and analysis of the institutional policies, management procedures, and strategic planning efforts necessary to managing distance education programs in a way that is engaging and equitable to the learner. Topics include: conducting needs assessments, preparing new programming tools, marketing plans, developing budgets and management plans, developing program evaluations, and so on.

Class Reflection: In this course I had the ability to again use my work life as a test ground for my school work. Our department was lacking in many of the important policies that this course taught us about. It was important to understand and know how students, faculty and staff can be effected by the different policies that are associated with distance learning. This course allowed me the opportunity to work on redrafting a work policy and creating a new admissions guide for work.


Class Projects:

Projects- Policy Assignment - New Admissions Guide - Budget