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LT 712
Principles of Learning for Instructional Technology
3 credits

Class Description:

This course will review theories of learning as they relate to on-line and technology supported learning. Principal theories of learning with a foundation in instructional design, such as behavioral learning, cognitive information processing theory, and constructivist learning will focus class activities and discussion. Also studied are the factors affecting human learning, including implications for the design and management of instruction. USD will teach this course.

Class Reflection: This course introduced a great deal of information to me that I had not seen before. This is a course where I will go back and look at many of the books and handouts because the concepts are to be referenced and reviewed with each new project that you take on. While I knew that there were several factors that went into lesson planning, I did not have the knowledge that this course provided. It exposed me to another side of education, one that I continue to grow with.

Class Projects:

Paper - Individual Response

Paper - Lesson Analysis