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LT 716
Systematic Design of Instruction
3 credits

Class Description:

Students will learn concepts and tools for applying systems theory to instructional design, including needs, instructional, learner, and context analysis, objectives, assessment, strategy, development, and evaluation. Addresses client learning needs in various organizational settings: business, industry, government, health care, education, and not-for-profit. USD will teach this course.

Class Reflection: This course was a very difficult course for me. It was not because of the information that we were learning. It was due to my inability to find a project that I could really jump into and actually put into place. I was unemployed at the time of this course so many of the resources I would have had access to, I no longer did have access to. I tried to get through the course the best I could by creating a client. The original project is still something I would like to continue to work on with the hope of presenting several topics together for a continuing education course at my local high school.

Class Projects:

Project - Final Project