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LT 741
Introduction to Distance Education
3 credits

Class Description:

This course is an analysis of the history, philosophy, design, and evolution of distance learning systems. Distance learning is a worldwide concept and the course uses examples from many countries to emphasize institutional, program and course design methods and approaches. The course assumes a system perspective in the analysis of distance education and the distance learner. The various components of distance learning systems are introduced and overviewed including: a) course development and design; b) course production; c) course delivery; d) learner support; e) evaluation of courses and the methods of cybernetic control of both student performance and instructional effectiveness; and f) research and evaluation of distance learning systems. DSU teaches this course.

Class Reflection: This course really allowed me to focus in on some topics that I was dealing with at work. I wanted to learn how to start training faculty members on how to use Sakai classroom management software through our distance education software. The time I was able to take to learn and understand about course delivery and how to develop a course and design a training course was very helpful. This course was one of the courses that I felt I was able to contribute to in a meaningful way. I understood some of the basic concepts of distance education since I was working for a distance education program. The work I did for this course with my faculty orientation is still in place at my former place of employment.

Class Projects:

Projects- Design Plan - Position Paper - Faculty Orientation (final project)