Program Overview


My Philosophy





I've focused on three themes throughout my MSET program:

While I had heard of several learning theories previously, I did not have experience in constructing lesson plans, thinking of learning styles, and creating activities that purposely used one specific style over another. Most of my previous knowledge was in student development theories. I knew how a student grew as a person but I didn’t know how a student learnt and how their knowledge grew.

Working within the MSET program I quickly was introduced to many concepts that those in the K-12 field were aware of. Structured lesson plans, taxonomies, project design proposals, etc. My work in LT 712 Principles of Learning for Instructional Technology -Individual Response - Lesson Analysis allowed me to learn about how think critically on how lessons are taught, what are the limitations and what are the successes. Also I was able to explore my ideas on adult learners and how technology has pros and cons in their continuing education.  

My work in LT 716 Systematic Design of Instruction - Final Project had me focus on creating an educational project from start to finish. This course challenged my view points and made me think about each step of the project needed to be maintained so it could be presented as a cohesive project plan and allow any group to carry out the intended project.

Lastly, my work in CET 791 Adult Distance Education Blog - Wiki - PowerPoint and LT 741 Introduction to Distance Education - Design Plan - Position Paper - Faculty Orientation (final project) allowed me to continue to focus on adult learners and some of the learning styles used in adult distance education. The course assignments were designed to have use create items for different learning styles. This practice allowed me to further understand the learning theories that were presented in discussion in many of my classes.