Program Overview


My Philosophy





I've focused on three themes throughout my MSET program:

In all our courses within the MSET program technology and its integration into education has been a constant lesson. While learning the concepts and ideas surrounding technology integration proved to be extremely helpful, even more so was the ability to practice the use of new technology.

In LT 731 Multimedia 1 - Portfolio I learned how to edit photos, edit sound clips and use simple video editing software. We also learned about graphic organizers and how the y could be helpful for mapping out ideas. The aspects of video editing and sound editing have proved helpful in my day to day life as I edited sound tracks and videos for the production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

My work in CET 792 Multimedia 2 - Portfolio focused more on how the technology could be integrated in several lesson plans. The use of the CMAP to show all of the projects that I worked on for the course was new to me but proved very helpful when putting all of the pieces of the course together. I also learned how to do technical tasks that I had wanted to figure out, such as podcasting in a very easy manner.

The skills I learned from these two courses have been put to use in my personal and work life constantly. I am very thankful for both of theses courses.