Program Overview


My Philosophy





I've focused on three themes throughout my MSET program:

With many of my classes I had the advantage of speaking about the administrative side of distance education. My former position was one in the administrative academic affairs, so I had first hand knowledge of what would be asked of a staff member prior to engaging in a new project for the department.

One of my first classes within the MSET program was LT 785 Research Methods in Educational Technology, the Final Paper for the course was based on my interest in adult education.  I was thankful for understanding the statistical information behind the articles I researched. It also allowed for a further understanding of how to pick the proper research questions before starting an educational research project, something my department was inclined to do every other semester.

My work in CET 720 Evaluation Technology Outcomes - Reaction Paper continued to help improve my analytical skills in evaluating the correct assessment tools for retrieving data on technology and educational outcomes. In CET 765 Leadership in Tech Change - Business Book Review I was able to ask questions about web usability and review a book that helped me explain several items about usability to higher ranking officials in my department. It was a class I enjoyed greatly because I was able to see how leadership would be effected by technology and how there would be a need for people to help with transitions.

The work in CET 749 Policy & Management for Distance Education - Policy Assignment - New Admissions Guide - Budget allowed for me to really dive into distance education administration. I was able to objectively look at my employer’s policies and suggest several policy items to be created for faculty members and for students.

The courses involved with this theme where extremely helpful to me during my employment at a distance education program that was very young. The items I have learned will be useful in my career path and I know I will look back to the course work often.