So…we wait.

I have finished the items I needed to in order for the bariatric office to request approval from my health insurance. After approval, then I can continue on with all of the classes & tests that I have to still have, and retake those I need to because of the 30 day before surgery thing. I’m debating if I can make it to the March 11th class I need to go to or if I will have to push it back to April & May’s classes.

In the meantime, tomorrow I go for pre-op blood work for ankle surgery. I also have to drop off my family medical leave act paperwork. Since i’ll be out of the office more than five days.

The paperwork sitting in my house on the kitchen table is just a mess.

It’s been three days on the 1500 calorie, 6 starches, 2 fruit, 2 dairy, 3 [max] fat, 2 protein, unlimited non starchy vegetables plan. It’s ok. I understand it now and worked out a quick guide to what I can eat incase i run out of prepped food while I’m convalescing.

So i’ve got forward motion and all I can do now is try and prepare as much as I can for life on the first floor at my house for three weeks.

Surgery is next Monday. I won’t know what time until sometime on Friday.