On the last episode….

The last time I posted was right before my ankle surgery. I had finished almost all of my major tests for bariatric surgery and I was just waiting to heal from the ankle and really get things started.

That process took a lot of time. My ankle still swells, I’m still in physical therapy once a week and I am working out for 30 minutes 5 times a week. While I was still unable to exercise, I lost the 20lbs that I had set out to lose before surgery. Going to the doctors the other day, I had placed 5 pounds back on. I know what it was. Humid weather and alcohol. More than anything, beer or items with carbonation since I know I won’t be able to have them anymore.

I am 27 days away from having surgery. I’m scared. Only because there are so many things you can’t plan for because everyone is different. So it’s just a wait and see kind of thing. In another week or so, I’ll order all my items from my bariatric amazon list so I’ve got the supplies I need for when I return from the hospital.

The hardest part right now is not being sure that all my friends understand the undertaking. I mean everyone knows it’s like two bites and I’m full. But I feel like I am gearing up for a fight, trying to make people understand. 1. I will be tired and easily agitated because of how little caloric energy is happening in my body. 2. I might only be able to eat two bites but that doesn’t mean that you can finish my food for me or make the “joke” that you’ll finish it for me. 3. The most helpful thing you can do is ask me out for a 15 min walk. (15mins out, 15mins back) 4. Read up on what it’s like or watch a few youtube videos tagged #VGS

It was a big decision to get to this step. I have been put down and cut down with jabs by my family for my whole life. It will be enough to battle those, please be my supportive friends and try to understand.