New non-scale goals

My first 5k back in 2010 took me 53 minutes. Today’s 3 mile walk took me 73 minutes. My first fitness goal is to get my 3 mile walk time down to 53 minutes. I’ll keep working on that until I’m able to start a couch to 5k program on September 28th. 

So I’ve got about a month to cut my time down. Leaving me a month to get into the walk/run groove before my Halloween morning 5k. 

After I’m cleared for more vigorous workouts on the 28th, I also want to do two days of weight lifting in between the three days of running. They say the more muscle you can build, the less skin sagging there is. Muscle then replaces the gap between where the skin & fat used to sit. 

I lose weight in my face first and I can already see it creating these weird new dimples. I am nervous about my elephant ear arms and what my stomach area will look like as I lose weight. All things that will come in time. All things that can be solved in millions of ways. 

I am however ready to stop all this daydreaming/catastrophing due to so much free time. I’m happy to be going back to work Tuesday and happy to have rehearsal tomorrow. 

Today just reminded/proved to me that I am capable of some great things. I kind of needed that. 


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