What’s that?

I’ve had tinnitus for ages. That constant ringing in the ear. High pitched enough to throw off singing. Mix that with like the low dull tone that a speaker gives out when there is scilence. That’s what has been going on today. It’s been so bad today because it’s like the sounds and pressure are trying to find a way out. Which is a good thing, even though it’s quite annoying. 

Why is it a good thing? Because it might mean that the high pressure surrounding my brain may be receding. It means everything might be successful. 

Lately I’ve been dizzy and lightheaded. Each time I try to increase my water or protein intake in hopes that it will take away the lightheaded feeling. 

Once again it’s been two full days. Work. School. Rehearsal. I’m exhausted. Tonight I’m going to try swallowing my evening meds. I think not taking my sleeping medication has had an effect on me. That whole not going into REM sleep thing, it’s kind of a bitch. We’ll see what happens. 


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