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So I’m starting to get really scared. We were talking in the car trips the other day about the social aspects of weight loss surgery. It started me thinking.

Most of my friends are obese or struggle with weight. Most of our gatherings center around food. When I was training for my half marathon I constantly had to tell theater people that I couldn’t go out on a Friday night due to Saturday morning training runs. I often got a lot of flack for it. Now I’m sitting here facing that all again. Flack for not going out drinking, not eating casually, not having soda. Having to make very calculated choices and I don’t want to become the person that is a burden to plan around in regards to food. I also, don’t want to feel left out because I can’t really eat the same things or enjoy them in a manner of excess like my friends can.

I know in some friendships it will cause a divide and I know the adage of true friends will understand but I’m not 100% worried about those friendships. I’m worried about how to face the masses of acquaintances. The ones who will think I’m doing this to be skinny. I can’t explain my brain issue and my weight loss surgery reasons in a quick 2 minute funny quip. So I’m just getting more scared. I have a hard time talking to others about exactly how scared I am.

I remember when I first thought about surgery I had said something puzzling. I said I was afraid you wouldn’t care about me if I had surgery. Let me unpack that. I knew that in your own way you fell in like with me when I was heavier. I was afraid (and still am to a certain degree) that if I lost all this weight, that I’d loose the way you once saw me.

What if you don’t like me after surgery? What if I’m too much trouble? I know you’re thinking I’m silly. I’m just scared and it’s hard to calm my fears down. If I talk about them or face them it is better for me. So I’m telling you all of this so you know what I am afraid of. In hopes of you finding a way of your own to reassure me that I am being silly. I know the food stuff that is scary is just for 6 weeks and I know I don’t want to just avoid social get togethers because that will make my head think that I’m losing people. I am just really starting to get scared about what if I fail and I can’t do this and I just become a different type of sick. Instead of healthy, active and confident.


On the last episode….

The last time I posted was right before my ankle surgery. I had finished almost all of my major tests for bariatric surgery and I was just waiting to heal from the ankle and really get things started.

That process took a lot of time. My ankle still swells, I’m still in physical therapy once a week and I am working out for 30 minutes 5 times a week. While I was still unable to exercise, I lost the 20lbs that I had set out to lose before surgery. Going to the doctors the other day, I had placed 5 pounds back on. I know what it was. Humid weather and alcohol. More than anything, beer or items with carbonation since I know I won’t be able to have them anymore.

I am 27 days away from having surgery. I’m scared. Only because there are so many things you can’t plan for because everyone is different. So it’s just a wait and see kind of thing. In another week or so, I’ll order all my items from my bariatric amazon list so I’ve got the supplies I need for when I return from the hospital.

The hardest part right now is not being sure that all my friends understand the undertaking. I mean everyone knows it’s like two bites and I’m full. But I feel like I am gearing up for a fight, trying to make people understand. 1. I will be tired and easily agitated because of how little caloric energy is happening in my body. 2. I might only be able to eat two bites but that doesn’t mean that you can finish my food for me or make the “joke” that you’ll finish it for me. 3. The most helpful thing you can do is ask me out for a 15 min walk. (15mins out, 15mins back) 4. Read up on what it’s like or watch a few youtube videos tagged #VGS

It was a big decision to get to this step. I have been put down and cut down with jabs by my family for my whole life. It will be enough to battle those, please be my supportive friends and try to understand.


So…we wait.

I have finished the items I needed to in order for the bariatric office to request approval from my health insurance. After approval, then I can continue on with all of the classes & tests that I have to still have, and retake those I need to because of the 30 day before surgery thing. I’m debating if I can make it to the March 11th class I need to go to or if I will have to push it back to April & May’s classes.

In the meantime, tomorrow I go for pre-op blood work for ankle surgery. I also have to drop off my family medical leave act paperwork. Since i’ll be out of the office more than five days.

The paperwork sitting in my house on the kitchen table is just a mess.

It’s been three days on the 1500 calorie, 6 starches, 2 fruit, 2 dairy, 3 [max] fat, 2 protein, unlimited non starchy vegetables plan. It’s ok. I understand it now and worked out a quick guide to what I can eat incase i run out of prepped food while I’m convalescing.

So i’ve got forward motion and all I can do now is try and prepare as much as I can for life on the first floor at my house for three weeks.

Surgery is next Monday. I won’t know what time until sometime on Friday.



1900 to 1500

The nutritionist knocked 400 calories off the plan that I was already working with. That leaves me with 1500 calories a day to eat 3 meals and maybe 2 snacks. It means meal planning & prepping is a challenge. I think about how I know I kind of need to have a housemate to survive financially but then I know that I need a housemate that wouldn’t get in the way of all the health & food stuff I have to deal with. So that is another challenge on me at the moment.

I was reading an article about an individual who was transitioning (MTF) and how running calmed their mind. There were a few quotes that I found interesting and could also pertain to this entire experience.

“What they don’t tell you prior to transitioning is that once the thing you’ve been hiding behind is no longer there, you still need to deal with everything else; the losses accrued in the shadow of a truth you never thought you could live, and the collateral damage from those losses. It’s like addiction recovery, except that there are no 12-step groups for this.” 

“When my mind becomes quiet on the trail, the soft voices of hard truths become easier to hear. One of the softest, hardest, and most persistent of these is that what I’m doing, transitioning, is not what I most want. What I most want is family. What I’m running after is love. Isn’t that what I’ve always wanted? Radically disrupting my biochemistry and sociological categorization is at best an unorthodox route to that, though. At worst, I’m scared that I’m slamming a door shut. Yes, I’m becoming who I am, and that’s wonderful, and I could still find someone, and dreams come true, but the facts on the ground are that my odds of ever partnering with someone again are uncertain. A lifetime of discomfort with my body and my identity, a lifetime spent chasing the illusion of security by secreting myself away and playing small, has meant that I didn’t start dating till I was 30. It’s hard for me to have faith that anyone could ever love this revised, unfettered version of me. I never trusted that anyone could love the old me either. Holding on to unsubstantiated hope for a love and a sense of home that may never come again is exhausting.”

“Maybe in the future toward which I’m finally running, I’ll acquire the skills to do that other work. But the home stretch is still beyond my line of sight, and right now, I need to focus my attention on where I am.”

I am trying my best to stay focused in the now. It is overwhelming and very difficult to do alone.


Oh you want a food journal?

For my nutritionist appointment I’m supposed to do a 24 recall of what I ate.

I am walking into the appointment with a three week recall of exactly what I ate and the breakdown of Fat/Carb/Protein ratio.

I’m supposed to lower my carbohydrate intake to lower my triglycerides and I know you can do that with fiber but that’s my main nutrition question.

Then it’s the pureed meats question and cold pressed juice when I’m at liquid diet question.

I use the app LoseIt. I’ve used it for over 3 years now. You put in your plan height, weight, and how many pounds per week you’d like to lose. It then reduces your caloric intake weekly, very subtily so you don’t notice it. You just stick to adding in your food journal and you know when you’ve reached your limit. It is keeping me calm in this sea of doubt and worry now that I can’t exercise. (damn ankle reconstruction surgery)

The plan still says if I follow the food journal that I will lose 20lbs by April 18th. Before I thought I’d have everything completed by then. There is still a possibility (if I push myself) to get to the March 11th meeting but more than likely I will have to do the April & May meetings, pushing everything back another month. As of right now though I’m out of work from March 9th -April 1st.



What I will get to do.

I spent a better part of the weekend day dreaming.

There are considerations that one makes in their life when they are obese. Things that they can and can’t do because of a maximum weight limit. Fears that they have because of past incidents. Things that they had to give up once it appeared they would always be overweight.

I had bought a pass to zipline about a year ago, back when I was 245lbs. See the weight limit was 250lbs, so I had decided that I would be able to do it because I had lost enough weight. I was excited for it. I was going to go whether or not I had friends to go with. Then the doubt sets in. Will I get stuck in the middle of the zip line? Will I be able to climb anything I need to? Can my shoulder hold onto that weight while zipping through the air? I let the pass expire.

During Spelling Bee our choreographer wanted me to jump up onto a chair and a table. I responded back very strongly of how I did not want to do that. I knew it wouldn’t be easy for me to jump up on either of those items. Let alone be able to then get down and continue singing. She was very young spirited and very fit, so she’s never had to worry about sitting down and breaking a chair. I have. I’ve had it happen twice. Instead of trying, I just refused.

I love horizontal stripes. I think they are great. As a kid I got to wear them a bunch until I ballooned up and other kids teased me. We figured it’d be better to just take that material away from them.

I spent the weekend thinking about fencing classes, hang gliding, zip lining, running, about dancing and moving easier, about french boat shirts. I spent the weekend day dreaming of possibilities.

I had said to John at brunch on Sunday “What happens if I get everything I wanted in life?” He looked at me and smiled and then quoted Willy Wonka and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka: But Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted.

Charlie Bucket: What happened?

Willy Wonka: He lived happily ever after.


Breaking Habits

On most days I would find myself drinking 20 oz of coffee as my morning cup of coffee. I’d follow it up with 20 oz of diet soda at lunch, 20 oz of diet soda at 3pm, and sometimes 32 oz of diet soda at dinner.

I love coffee, soda, and beer. Things that I can’t have: soda and beer. Things I can have 8 oz of daily: coffee

Thursday marked a full week of trying to ween myself off of diet soda and to lower my coffee consumption. I still have some diet soda at home and I might treat myself tonight. After I finish that bottle, then I can no longer purchase it. It is difficult. It’s 12 oz of coffee right now and 20 oz of diet soda. Next week will be just coffee that I have to keep track of.

My food journaling is going well and i’m making better choices. I used my gym last night because I still can’t figure out how to fix the bike at home. Today I’ll check out the North Greenbush gym. I’ve got to figure out a routine, one where i can work out, shower and then go into work. Which isn’t as bad to figure out when its not as frigid and snowy.

Last night I actually thought about running again. Now I know it’s not going to happen until late March for me, probably. Because outside is crappy and treadmills are hard for the beginning of the C25K program. I thought about cross country skiing again too.

I am definitely exhausted this afternoon. This mornings appointment was rough in the sense that barium is not fun to drink and that it just sits inside of you afterward. You are full but you are hungry too. It’s a weird sensation. Tomorrow is a 6 month check up with my primary care physician. I get to tell him I’m moving forward with surgery, he gets to shame me about it and I pay him $30. So it’s gonna be awesome.

Next week I have three doctors appointments too. One is for my ankle and making sure that it really is better and that I don’t need surgery on that too. Then it’s the second psych and my nutritionists appointment. Once those two are done, then they can submit the surgery to my health insurance for approval. So by mid-April I should know if insurance will cover it. Once I get the approval, then surgery is scheduled and by mid-April I’ll have finished the last of my checklist of clearances.

I’m looking forward to the weekend because I’m looking forward to resting. Breaking habits is hard and takes over 21 days.